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Low Power High Power Appliances

Common Appliances

Low Power High Power Appliances

It is recommended to never overload a power point by 'piggy-backing' multiple double adapters.
Even more so if the appliance is a high power item like -:

  • room heaters
  • clothes dryers
  • washing machines

Do not use power boards or double adapters in wet areas like laundries and bathrooms.

Consider preplacing old power boards that do not have an overload cut out (a push button near the supply cord entry)

Buying Electrical Appliances

Suppliers of electrical appliances (Australian made and imported) must declare the appliance meets Australian Safety standards.

It can be dangerous to buy electrical appliances on the internet from overseas sellers as they may not comply with Australian safety standards.

Visit electricalsafety.qld.gov.au for more information about 'responsible suppliers'.

Buying second-hand appliances

Second hand sellers are not required to test the appliance to prove it is electrically safe before selling it to you, however they must tell you they have not tested it.