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Refrigerator Repairs

We come to you on the Gold Coast to fix your refrigerator

East Coast Appliance Repairs can assist with all your refrigerator repairs, Gold Coast! We have been making refrigerator repairs and general appliance repairs for over 20 years. Our highly skilled refrigerator repairer can efficiently get your performing at its best in no time.
Quotes are given prior to ordering parts to ensure you can make an informed choice.
Did you know that the refrigerator was an Aussie Invention?


Modern refrigerators can really make your kitchen.

Eating Fruit from Refrigerator

Keeping food fresher will save you money over the long term.

Open Refrigerator

Expert technicians can address issues with various models.

Modern Kitchen and Refrigerator

Your appliances should not only look good but be efficient.

Extending the life of your Refrigerator

The most expensive component of a refrigerator is the compressor. Hence keeping plenty of air flow around the refrigerator will help prevent it over heating.

  • Clean any accumulated dust off the coil with a brush (once a year).
  • Check for any blocked vents or airways in the cabinets.
  • Keep gaskets (plastic seals for doors) clean to extend the lifetime.

Refrigerator tips

Refrigerator Tips
  • Allow enough space around the refrigerator to release heat (at least 10cm)
  • Avoid opening the refrigerator frequently
  • Avoid over filling the refrigerator to allow air to circulate
  • Only keep items in the refrigerator that need to be cooled
  • Avoid putting hot things inside the refrigerator (eg cool roasts on bench first)
  • Keep the thermostat at medium

Making your life Easier

Reaching In to the Refrigerator

East Coast Appliance Repairs for your Gold Coast refrigerator repairs

We will keep your fridge performing at maximum capacity at a reasonable price.
Pensioner discounts available.

our process

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    Check whether the appliance is repairable or worth repairing.

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    Quote on the cost of repairs.

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    Promptly repair.