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Washing Machine and Dryer Repairs

We come to you on the Gold Coast to fix your washing machine and dryer.

East Coast Appliance Repairs can assist with all your appliance repairs, Gold Coast! We have been making washing machine repairs and general appliance repairs for over 20 years. Our highly skilled oven repairer can efficiently get your appliances back running in no time.
Quotes are given prior to ordering parts to ensure you can make an informed choice.

Washing Machine Not Working

When your washing machine is not working properly it can be very frustrating.

Washing Machine Dryer Repairs

Keep the appliances arms performing like new.

Looking Inside Dryer

Expert technicians are familiar with many brands and styles.

Modern Laundry

Not only look good but your laundry equipment needs to perform well.

Types of washing machines

The different types of domestic washing machines are front-loader, a traditional top-loader, or a high efficiency top-loader.

  • A Front-loader is good if you are doing many loads of washing per week - if you lack space this type of washer can be stacked. Front-loaders are considered the most energy efficient because they use less water.
  • Traditional Top-loader is the cheapest machine to purchase with the added bonus you do not have to bend to load the clothing.
  • High Efficiency Top-Loader Combines the functionality of a front-loader with the styling of a traditional top-loader

Making your life Easier

Stacking the Dryer

East Coast Appliance Repairs for your Gold Coast washing machine and dryer repairs

We will get your equipment performing at maximum capacity at a reasonable price.
Pensioner discounts available.

our process

  • 01


    Check whether the appliance is repairable or worth repairing.

  • 02


    Quote on the cost of repairs.

  • 03


    Promptly repair.

Washing Machine Tips Video

Washing Machine Tips:

  • 1. Clean filter on a regular basis
  • 2. Don’t overload the machine
  • 3. Don’t wash pillows or cushions
  • 4. Keep plenty of space around machine
  • 5. Ask who the warranty agent is
Simple Washiing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repairs:

What if that fault in your washing machine is something quite simple? Mark can quickly spot issues or even advise over the phone.